Bugatti Veyron Review

Aug - 16

Bugatti Veyron Review

The Veyron is, notoriously, the world’s quickest vehicle. Which was the Super Sport coupe model though, that has since been stopped. Now, just the open-top Grand Sport remains on purchase, using the large Bug effectively within the world’s most extravagant runout cycle. In keeping with form, purchasers haven’t needed to endure a piffling 1,001bhp for lengthy. Now, Bugatti has introduced the Grand Sport Vitesse (yes, as an old Rover, concentrating on the same range-topping aspirations), which revives the Super Sport’s 1,200bhp engine for any damned good crack at its 267mph top speed.

Anything else continues to be it had been though, because the pinnacle of megacorp Volkswagen Group’s engineering talent. Two seats, active the rules of aerodynamics – together with a whopping airbrake – and 4-wheel drive imply that the Veyron can actually handle everything energy. It’s an engineering marvel that costs a bloody fortune to operate! When tires are similare priced to that of your econo-box car you know that you have gotten into a very special vehicle.


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