The all new 2016 Harley Davidson bikes

Aug - 24

The all new 2016 Harley Davidson bikes

Well 2015 was a short coming and 2016 is around the corner, with that comes an entire new catalog and fleet of toys! Harley Davidson has release a new lineup of all of their street bikes and these include some very menacing looking bikes.

The all brand new sportster is an absolute god send of a motorcycle! Check out some of the pictures below.

HD-Forty-Eight (1)

First, a couple of words about brand new 2016 Sportsters: They’re outfitted with new front and back suspension, along with a much more comfortable and encouraging chair which has a greater quality cover. New nitrogen-billed shocks are stated to provide enhanced damping in compression and rebound. Featuring internal valve stacks with 36mm pistons and upgraded oil, the shocks are made work nicely over small bumps, helping keep your Sportster’s rear tire in road contact on uneven surfaces. An under-chair wrench is supplied to regulate spring-preload via threaded collars around the new shocks.

For the brand new cartridge fork, it’s progressive-rate springs and is made to give a consistent feel throughout compression and extension. The springs are triple-rate models, and along with what Harley calls “oil lock,” they’re stated to assist the brand new 2016 Sportster resist wheel hop under hard stopping.

Harley states the brand new Iron 883 is actively raw and rough, boasting a glance that’s inspired by garage-built bobbers of history and offer. Because of its upgraded suspension, lightweight cast wheels, and comfy chair, the Dark Custom Sportster will probably remain on Harley’s best-seller list for 2016.

Using its large front tire and enormous fork, the brand new 2016 Forty-Eight has what Harley calls a “menacing” look. Additionally, it advantages of the technical upgrades. Based on More potent, both of these Sportsters represent “the purest expression from the design movement we began in 2008.” Adds More potent: “The Iron is our original Dark Custom. It’s been greatly effective for all of us. Eight from 10 of those purchasers are a new comer to Harley-Davidson.”


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